Coiled Cable Assembly With Looped Ends

The Challenge

Boise Rigging, a customer in the rigging industry, requested that Lexco® Cable produce a coiled cable assembly with looped ends.

The Solution

We constructed this coiled assembly from 1/16” aircraft cable in a 7x7 construction, which is composed of seven strands, each consisting of seven wires. Features included looped end fittings and a light-walled clear PVC coating. We coiled the wire rope tightly for repeated, reliable retracting. Coiling makes the wire rope length manageable by compacting it into a small size when unstretched.

The Results

The quality of this customized product exceeded the expectations of our client in terms of strength and flexibility. Our powerful hydraulic swage press allowed us to make tight, high-reliability loops, which we tested in-house to ensure they met the rated pull strength requirements. The customer was thrilled with their custom coiled assembly, which had a turnaround time of only one week.

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