Lexco® Cable offers open swage sockets in both carbon steel and stainless steel material. Plating and galvanizing for carbon steel swage sockets is available upon request. Our open swage sockets are available in various standard sizes to accommodate cable from 1/4" to 1-1/2” in diameter. Clevis pins are typically included with all models.

Open swage sockets are extremely similar to fork/jaw ends. However, open swage sockets have larger dimensions, most notably their clevis diameters, inside widths, and depths below pin. Additionally, open swage sockets are made from forgings, while fork/jaw ends are either cast or machined.

Open swage sockets must be machine swaged for proper hold strength. Please contact a Lexco® sales representative to receive an assembly quote.

Open spelter sockets and open bridge spelter sockets are also available from Lexco.

Note: Open swage sockets are recommended for use on 6x19 class or 6x37 class IWRC regular lay wire rope. They are also satisfactory on galvanized bridge rope. They are not recommended for use with fiber core or lang lay ropes. Before using an open swage socket with wire rope of other lay, construction, or grade, it is recommended that the end termination be proof-loaded to ensure the adequacy of the assembly.