Lexco Cable's New Blog!

In case you haven't had the chance to check out Lexco’s blog section, now is the perfect time! Welcome to the world of wire rope, cable, hardware, and more! 


Have you ever wondered when, where, and how different wire rope elements are connected in the real world? For example, how are wire ropes connected to the automotive industry or how do we use extrusion to coat our cables? Our blog is where you can find those answers while piquing your curiosity about different industries, and who better to guide you along this journey than Lexco Cable?


The Lexco blog combines the knowledge of our wire rope experts, engineers, and creative thinkers. In extension to our own industry knowledge, each wire and hardware has its own purpose and story to be discovered. We are not only focused on sharing this knowledge but we are happy to assist our customers in making educated decisions and choosing what's right for them. 


The Lexco blog is our way to connect customers and curious minds with our products. This means that we value your questions and inquiries. Our phones and emails are always open to answer any questions that may arise while browsing our blog. We hope that you can find inspiration and usage from our product and our new blog. 


Join us today and let's answer your wire rope questions, one blog at a time.

Visit our blog at: https://www.lexcocable.com/resources/blog/