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16 Ways Extrusion Coated Wire Ropes are Transforming Industries

The world of wire ropes is vibrant and diverse, especially when it comes to extrusion coated varieties. These ropes aren't just about robustness and durability; they also bring a creative flair with their ability to be customized in a spectrum of colors. Let’s explore fifteen inventive ways these ropes are being utilized across different industries.



Extrusion coating in wire ropes involves jacketing them in a polymer layer. This not only enhances their durability and corrosion resistance but also opens up possibilities for aesthetic customization. This process allows for tailoring products to specific environmental conditions and branding aesthetics, offering a unique blend of practicality and visual appeal. For more information about how and why wire rope is extrusion coated, check out our blog, HOW & WHY AIRCRAFT CABLE AND WIRE ROPE ARE EXTRUSION COATED.




Coated cables are not confined to a single industry but span across various sectors. From enhancing the functionality of sports equipment like jump ropes to playing a crucial role in architectural designs and community projects, these cables adapt to diverse applications. Each example reflects the wide range of uses, showcasing the adaptability of extrusion-coated wire ropes.

  1. Sports Equipment Coated cables, bursting with vibrant hues, have transformed jump ropes from mere fitness tools to durable, colorful accessories that captivate athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

  2. Play Structures In children's play areas, coated cables in assorted colors not only ensure safety but also add a visual charm, seamlessly integrating into both fun and educational settings.

  3. Community Projects In community garden projects, multi-colored ropes create eye-catching and functional fences, showcasing how coated cables can enhance public spaces.

  4. Rigging Solutions Demonstrating their strength and versatility, coated wire ropes with looped ends provide robust and reliable solutions for complex rigging application.




The capability to match and create custom colors in wire ropes is a remarkable aspect of this technology. Projects range from precise color matching for major equipment manufacturers to vibrant hues for safety equipment and retail displays. Each project underscores the ability to meet specific color requirements while maintaining confidentiality and focusing on the client's needs.

  1. Marine Applications Custom-colored ropes for fishing stringers combine practicality with style for outdoor enthusiasts.

  2. Eyeglass Retainers Eyeglass retainers, crafted in unique custom colors, highlight the strength and fashion-forward versatility of these coated cables.

  3. Retail Displays Custom luminous coated cables developed for retail store displays, blend security with striking visual design to enhance brand presentation.




A number of projects involve creating a specific shade or color. This task highlights the precision required in color matching, ensuring that the final product is functional and aligns with the brand's identity. This serves as an example of how practicality can be seamlessly blended with brand-specific aesthetics.

  1. Agricultural Equipment An agricultural machinery manufacturer uses a custom green coating wire rope as lanyards on their equipment, enhancing brand recognition and durability in demanding agricultural environments.

  2. Architectural Accent A stunning light blue, matched to a prominent university’s mascot colors, was used for cable railings outside a campus building, demonstrating how coated wire ropes can integrate into architectural designs.




Understanding the unique requirements of each project is crucial in the world of coated cables. Whether it's for specific strength, flexibility, or aesthetic needs, the design of these cables is pivotal in meeting diverse industry demands. This gallery of coated cables demonstrates the wide array of applications.

  1. Pet Accessories Durable and stylish dog leads in various colors cater to pet owners' preferences, illustrating the ropes' versatility and appeal in consumer products.

  2.  Fitness Enhancements Coated wire ropes in gym equipment offer a combination of strength, ergonomic comfort, and aesthetic appeal, elevating the workout experience.




Extrusion-coated wire ropes are essential in enhancing safety across various industries due to their improved visibility and durability. The vibrant colors ensure high visibility in critical situations, aiding in hazard prevention and quick response. Moreover, their robust coating adds an extra layer of protection against environmental factors, making them ideal for use in safety-critical applications.

  1. Retail Security Coil assemblies with black PVC coating are used in retail security, balancing aesthetics and functionality for discreet yet effective security solutions.

  2. Safety Equipment Neon-coated cables can enhance visibility and safety in critical mining applications, demonstrating the rope’s utility in hazardous environments.

  3. Outdoor Walkways Yellow coated cables for floating walkways can prioritize safety and visibility in harsh outdoor conditions.

  4. Industrial Safety Custom red-coated cables are used for conveyor emergency stops, showcasing how functional utility can be seamlessly integrated with safety in industrial environments.

  5. Drilling Safety Stainless steel tracer wires are used for locating buried cables and/or pipes in directional drilling applications.

The journey through extrusion coated wire ropes reveals a world where functionality meets creativity. With the ability to customize not just in specifications but also in color, these ropes offer solutions that are as visually appealing as they are practical. Most of our PVC coatings are UV stable for longevity, with the exception of neon and fluorescent pigments due to their unique characteristics. We also offer RoHS and REACH compliant options and can provide PVC per MIL-I-631 on special request. For those looking to bring a project to life with both quality and vibrant color, the world of extrusion coated wire ropes is worth exploring. If you're ready to elevate your next project with these versatile and colorful ropes, contact Lexco Cable today and let's turn your creative vision into reality.


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