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How to Select the Best Wire Rope Assembly Supplier

Wire rope is an essential component across a wide variety of industries, including the military, aerospace, marine, and construction verticals, among others. Despite the broad spectrum of uses for wire rope, several common threads apply regarding quality, delivery lead-in, and specification requirements.

This means that finding the right wire rope assembly supplier can be as critical as the product itself. Without a reliable, high-quality supplier, projects are put in jeopardy. Here we’ll look at everything you need to look out for when choosing the wire rope supplier that will be your dependable partner to success.

What You Need from Your Wire Rope Assembly Supplier

  1. Customization & Specification Capabilities: Customization of end fittings is where Lexco Cable truly shines. From CNC machined fittings and stamped fittings to die-cast fittings and 3D printed fittings, we can accommodate your wire rope assembly requirements.  This includes custom end fittings, cable railings, hardware, and push-pull controls, among other custom solutions.

    In addition, it’s important to find a wire rope assembly supplier that can handle everything from prototype to production under one roof. At Lexco, we relish the challenge of specific assemblies and have the tech and skills to deliver on virtually any demand, from the most simple fabrication specs to the most complex.

  2. Prompt and Consistent Delivery: A wire rope supplier you can't rely on to deliver your product when they say they will isn't a partner; they're an obstacle and are most likely costing you valuable time and resources. At Lexco, we know our customers need prompt and consistent delivery, and we're committed to making that happen. We're fortunate to have some of the best production facilities on the continent. Still, more than that, it's in our processes, from quotation to delivery, where we focus on consistently delivering what's needed. 

  3. Emphasis on Quality: Wire rope quality, strength, and dependability is a critical assumption in many industries. The safety of operators, equipment, and the general public relies on wire rope products performing as specified. Therefore, your wire rope supplier needs to be able to meet and guarantee the wire rope and cable quality standards of the applications in question. Quality is always a priority here at Lexco. Our process expertise and diverse materials allow us to meet the highest specs and standards, such as those required for military, federal, and aviation projects. We achieve this through several processes, such as proof-loading and pull-testing, traceability, certifications (including ISO9001), and first-article inspection.

  4. Solid Communication: If you’re dealing with any vendor, no matter the size of your order, you want to know they see you as a priority. You should expect no less from your wire rope supplier. This should mean easily explaining specs to a knowledgeable team and the team returning with a quotation in good time. For the team at Lexco, we always try to go above and beyond for every customer. We’ll work closely with you on your specs and try to get most quotes back to you within a day. We enjoy collaborating with our customers and strive to be available for problem-solving and customer meetings whenever necessary.

  5. Capacity: Some of our customers come to us for our assembly capabilities. Other customers come to us for our capacity, meaning they’ll outsource their assemblies to Lexco so they can focus their production resources on their core product business. Our automatic cable cutters enable us to process orders efficiently. Our high-speed presses swage quickly and change over setups rapidly. We have many production lines so that we can process a multitude of orders simultaneously.

  6. Capable of Meeting Your Needs: Above all, a wire rope supplier has to be able to give you what you need to complete your projects. That's certainly how we see it at Lexco. We always aim to be flexible enough to meet our customer's needs, including working around just-in-time delivery, drop shipping, special packaging requests, and multiple release blanket orders. If you don’t have well-defined drawings, we can even quote based on samples or pictures with descriptions!

The Wire Rope Supplier You Need

Wire rope and cabling is a critical component in a wide variety of applications across a multitude of industries. That means that finding the right wire rope assembly supplier is also critical for the ongoing success and safety of your work. The ideal wire rope supplier needs to offer product variety to meet your needs while also having the capacity for custom specifications and assemblies. They also need to ensure quality and should work closely with you so that you know you’ll be getting exactly what you need when you need it.

At Lexco, we try our best every day to be that perfect wire rope supplier you can count on, whatever the situation or specification. Our production capacity gives us the ability to deliver exactly what you need in wire rope and cabling, and we specialize in the extra specs others can’t manage, be it coating, coiling, die-casting, or swaging. On top of that, we want to help our partners achieve success, so we maintain effective communication, sharp lead-in times, and try to meet all needs in terms of shipping and delivery.

And that’s why we’re leaders in custom wire rope assembly fabrication.  Check out some examples in our gallery.  Contact us today!


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